Message from Admin Head Desk

School is the safety net that protects children from neglect and deprivation and provides a platform where in children can be offered opportunities for nurturing their inherent potential. It is not just a place for learning of academic skills or gaining knowledge but also an important setting where children get to be with their age mates, make friends, develop social networks, get introduced to adult role models and acquire an understanding of life and discover themselves. 
As per the National curriculum framework of the Cambridge University, UK, every teacher is getting training for optimum benefit to the students. It is our utmost endeavour to nurture our students not only in minds but also in body and souls. Keeping this in mind, we are focusing on Gender Sensitisation and integrating "Life Skills" and Value education into our cirriculum, starting this session. Presentations and training sessions will be given to Parents and teachers alike from time to time. 
We also intend to promote the habit of reading right from pre-primary level upwards. I earnestly suggest to all parents to let your children get involved,with good quality reading books besides grasping academic material from their usual text books.

Caringly yours 
Ms. Chetna Data
B.Tech. (IT)