Admission Procedure

Admission open for next Acedmic Session 2017-18

  1. Registration:- Registration for admission are open for classes Nursery to XII.
  2. Scholarship test on January 1st,2017 for classes 5-12.
  3. Submission of Application form: - Filled in application forms have to be submitted with following details:-
  4.                           i. Age Proof (Birth Certificate)
                              ii. Residence Proof

  5.  Interviews: - The interview is as pleasant and non- intimidating as we can make it. We are interested in knowing about the Childs/ students educational development, use of language, social skills and academic enthusiasm. The aim of the interview is to find about what the student knows and enjoys. 

Primary school candidates are examined by the Primary Head. Admission seekers for Grade 6 to 9 have an oral interview and a written test. Testing is done for basic English and Maths and General Knowledge.

     (E)   Admission :- On being offered a place, parents will be given two weeks to pay the admission fee ( if the student is not joining immediately) and security deposit to secure the place. Before allowing the student to take up his/her place a Transfer Certificate should be submitted from the previous school of the student.