Vision, Mission & Objectives

Our Vision:
We wish to become the preferred destination for school education in India, characterized by quality and excellence.  

Our Mission:
We would make every effort to achieve our vision by:  

  • Striving for excellence in every domain for growth for the students 
  • Excelling in cognitive, emotional and behavioral development of the  students
  • Strengthening the traditional roots and at the same time adopting a modern way of living.
  • Developing sensitivity of our students towards environment, humanity and compassion.
  •  Investing in resources that lead to achievement of objectives and realizing our vision.
  •  Working towards academic and co-curricular excellence.  
We intend to:  
  • Achieve all-round development of every child, ensuring academic, sports and cultural excellence
  • Coach and mentor every student by expert and experienced staff.
  • Spread patriotic, social and ethical human values amongst the students.
  • Educate students to build confidence and self-reliance.
  • Enhance the students’ ability of discretion between right and wrong.
  • Create a learning community and nurturing the students by the participation of parents
  • Create a legacy of educators for long lasting impact.